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WOGI SELECT: Your Ultimate Holiday Season Reward!

Make this upcoming festive season truly unforgettable by curating a personalised SELECTion of rewards with WOGI SELECT, conveniently accessible through WOGI DASH/Campaign Service.

With WOGI SELECT we enable you to establish a more targeted and personalised rewarding experience, offering the essential data insights required for evaluating and comparing campaign success.

Step 1: Curate Your Perfect Reward 

Curate your own bundle to match your specific audience, whether it’s a group, individuals, or aligned with the season! With WOGI SELECT, you have the power to create a truly personalised and thoughtful reward by handpicking your favorite brands into a SELECTion.

Choose a greeting that perfectly represents your intended recipients. If you feel that a more personalised message is necessary to express your gratitude, customize a message to accompany the visual for a more significant impact!

Step 2: Effortless Recipient Inclusion 💌

Preparing for a large-scale fulfillment can occasionally be quite time- consuming. Streamline the process by handling the task in bulk for your target group. All you need to do is to simply upload the recipient’s basic details :- names, emails and the spend value 💲 entitlement.

Step 3: Customized Delivery Made Easy 📩

Wanted to best convey your message to the recipient(s)? You have an option to create your personalised message to the recipient(s), with your own banners, logo or visuals, or just select any from our ready template for a fuss-free gifting. Schedule a date and timeline and let WOGI automate the delivery with just a single click.

Voila! 🎉

With a click of a button, your campaign is ready to roll.
But what is a campaign if without understanding your end-user’s response?

Access a comprehensive campaign analytics dashboard to gain a view of your campaign’s effectiveness and identify potential areas for improvement.

Exceptional Recipient Experience 💫

Your recipients will revel in a truly exceptional experience. They’ll receive a personalized reward that aligns with your unique brand identity, giving them the freedom to use it as they please, whenever they choose.

Get Started Today! 🚀

You can start using WOGI SELECT right away through your WOGI DASH/Campaign. Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to your dedicated client success representative, ready to help.

This holiday season, express your gratitude like never before with WOGI SELECT. Create meaningful memories, one personalized rewards at a time