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one API, serves it all

A rich digital catalogue with real-time processing and omni-channel delivery to power global reward programs

Enhancing customer experience with real-time processing

Your customers and clients demand rewards and incentives with instant processing and omni-channel delivery. Now you can provide that level of service regardless of your customers’ chosen platforms.
Gift cards delivery API

Digital omni-channel delivery for real user satisfaction

Your service, but our engine. Wogi offers real-time cross-border digital catalogue management services for all types of cashless products. Reward your users with instant reservation, issuing and delivery of rewards.

Wogi does more with your programs

Offer your customers and clients local, regional and international rewards they really want. Enhance your program users’ experience with dynamic processing and real-time delivery.


Seamless roll-out with just a few lines of code or use your existing online applications.


Multi-country/language/currency support with standardised deliverables at any scale.


All your campaign goals achieved automatically, made smooth with flow automation.


All of your data is secured, protected and insured to the highest industry standards.

Empower success by
creating incentive driven behaviour

A Digital eco-system connecting enterprises with consumer brands for a better customer experience.