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WOGI PAY: The Open Loop Pre-Paid alternative for Asia

We are thrilled to present WOGI PAY, the cutting-edge alternative to Open Loop Pre-Paid Cards designed specifically for Southeast Asia, ideal for your incentive payment programs and campaigns.

Traditional Visa and MasterCard Open Loop Pre-Paid cards are not widely prevalent for South-East Asia. Local markets lack such programs, and their adoption is minimal to non-existent. Also very important, due to the high-risk nature of the markets, foreign-issued cards are often restricted for online transactions, rendering Visa/MasterCard pre-paid cards from overseas impractical for use in the region.

In contrast, within the region, a local eWallet dominates, enjoying broad adoption ranging from small street-side shops to major retail chains and online businesses. eWallets have earned trust and are increasingly preferred by the local population as their payment method of choice.

WOGI PAY offers a compelling alternative by issuing open loop pre-paid cards tailored to the region’s needs. WOGI collaborates with major eWallet providers across South East Asia to deliver seamless and user-friendly payment products with the highest level of acceptance in the market. With just two clicks, users can load any desired amount into their accounts, which can be immediately utilized through the eWallet application for withdrawals, shopping, payments, savings, or transfers. 

WOGI caters to every market in the region, offering a seamless solution for issuing incentive payments of varying amounts. This is made possible through direct integrations with major eWallet providers, making WOGI PAY the premier alternative for Open Loop Pre-Paid cards to meet your reward and incentive needs in Asia.