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(R)evolutionizing Rewards
and Incentives in Everyday's life

A Digital rewards, incentives and loyalty as a service enabler in South East Asia

We enable rewards to meet your business goals

We offer a rich content portfolio of cashless products tapping into a digital ecosystem which connects consumer brands, local enterprises and your customers.


Wogi started in Singapore with an eGifts portfolio of just 20 merchants.


Enterprise clients

We now run rewards, incentive and loyalty campaigns for many major brands.

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We offer an active digital products portfolio covering some of Asia’s biggest markets.

Our story

Our vision

Digital (eco)-system allowing connection and interaction between consumer brands, service providers, enterprises and end-consumers to digitally transact digital products and payments. A technology and data driven approach for sustainable revenue growth and achieving and measuring success for performance driven campaign for rewards and incentives.

Our women empowered business team