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eGifts from
the top market brands

Closed loop Digital Gift and Cash Cards, Tickets, Top ups and, Subscriptions.
Lifestyle & Shopping

E-gifts your customers and clients really want and demand.

Experience & Travel

E-gifts that deliver memories and experiences are more meaningful.

Green & Sustainable

Go Green e-gifts to boost your reputation for corporate social responsibility

Charity & Beneficial

E-gifts that help those in need while still rewarding your users

Rewards with real meaning

Wogi offers rewards your clients and customers see as truly valuable and meaningful.

Gift card reward program

Experience trumps cash value

Cash incentives can fail to bring joy if they are spent for utility.

With e-gifts, you can give experiences to your customers and clients to associate with you and your brand.

Green rewards make for a green brand

Finally, your rewards program can offer high value, low carbon footprint, low waste rewards.

Your clients and customers will love the convenience, value, and association of your brand with green values.

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A rich catalogue of top brand goods and services suiting your users’ preferences.