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5 Tips to creating your best workplace environment

You feel confident about your recruiting and hiring processes. You’re able to find the best candidates and have a roster of top talent in your organization. Now that you have your dream team, what can you do to ensure you keep them? Today we’re highlighting five best practices to engage your staff best and create an ideal workplace environment.

Provide All the Training & Tools

Many times new staff are brought in and upon completion of new hire orientation, are left to fend for themselves in their role. Keep them happy with adequate training and guidance to first introduce them to their duty expectations. Then, subsequently follow up with specific training and available tools that will allow them to improve and develop their role. If an employee feels they can’t get the help they need or the tools to be effective, they may consider leaving. Instead, provide them easy-access to everything they need to be the best version of themselves in their position and their department. As they navigate through the training process, be diligent about acknowledging their success.

Be Transparent with All Processes

At any point throughout their career, your employees should know exactly where they fit into your organization. They should also be able to predict with 100% certainty how they move through the ranks. Identify specific requirements for advancement and be transparent and available in assisting the growth process. If an employee feels promotion is unattainable or doesn’t have a clear understanding of how your company evaluates performance and leadership, they will eventually leave. The process should be fair and inspire goal setting with all your team members. As they qualify and level-up in the organization, be sure to showcase their advancement as a demonstration to other team members that promotion is accessible.

Offer Recognition Liberally

If you see someone exceed expectations, recognize him or her immediately. Being liberal with your recognition and compliments will demonstrate to your staff that you’re observant of their hard work and appreciative of their contributions. Make sure the reward fits the achievement. If the employee accomplishes a minor victory, acknowledge with an email to privately recognize the efforts. If you have a team member who’s landed the company’s largest client, instead maybe send a company-wide email to offer more significant praises.

Be Authentic About Company Objectives

Employees need to know they are contributing to the organization as a whole. Provide your teams specific and authentic company goals with outlines for how each person contributes to those goals. Be transparent with social responsibility efforts and promote internal branding to foster an environment of loyalty. The second your employees feel they question the company’s direction or foundation, you run the risk of losing the best.

Encourage Knowledge Sharing

You’ve no doubt assembled your teams based on particular skill sets and experiences. Encourage communication between your team members to help create an environment of knowledge sharing. By sharing amongst each other, your employees will feel there is a continuous opportunity for learning, and your team as a whole will grow in efficiency. Promote teamwork and team building communications and keep everyone happy. In support of each of these efforts, consider employee incentives or gifts at any level. Reward a team member for passing an internal or industry required exam. Offer recognition for completion of an individual or group project. Reward an entire department for meeting budget goals or surpassing company objectives. Regardless of the achievement, use the art of reward and gifting to build momentum in employee satisfaction. Take care of them, take pride in them, and they’ll take care of your business. For more tips on creating your ideal workplace culture, contact us! We can help you design and structure a workplace gifting initiative that can enhance your employee experience.